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・大島一正 (Issei OHSHIMA)



・瑶寺 裕 (Yutaka TAMADERA)



・勝部 圭 (Kei KATSUBE)



・門田悠里 (Yuri KADOTA)



・渡邊 容 (Hiraku WATANABE)



・濱村 和 (Yamato HAMAMURA)



・田房由伎 (Yuki TABUSA)



・大坪真樹 (Maki OHTSUBO)


・今原初代 (Hatsuyo IMAHARA)



・中林ゆい (初代ムラサキシジミ,現 日本学術振興会特別研究員PD@神戸大)

博論タイトル:Range expansion in a myrmecophilous lycaenid butterfly and its consequences for  interspecific interactions with ants and parasitoids

修論タイトル:Tritrophic interactions among the lycaenid butterfly Arhopala japonica, attending ants and parasitoids

・青山 悠 (3代目寄生蜂)

​博士後期過程 単位取得退学 博論準備中

修論タイトル:Factors regulating the timing of oviposition in a koinobiont parasitoid

associating with a leaf miner

・髙野翔子 (Syoko TAKANO)

修論タイトル:Host-plant independent pre-mating isolation between host races in a leaf-mining moth

卒論タイトル:Testing the reinforcement hypothesis between host races in Acrocercops transecta

・山上七海 (初代ホソガ科ゲノム編集)

修論タイトル:Development of a genome editing method for the leaf-mining moth family Gracillariidae usingthe CRISPR/Cas9 system

・浦山孝紀 (3代目フジホソガ)

卒論タイトル:Mate choice experiments between Wisteria-associated and Cannabaceae/Ulmaceae-associated populations in Psydrocercops wisteriae

・田中康湧 (初代フジホソガ)

修論タイトル: Inferring the accumulation process of species properties using taxa exhibiting incomplete speciation

・田井博登 (6代目アメンボ)

修論タイトル: Biogeography of a wing polymorphic water strider in the Ryukyu Archipelago

・小川成美 (2代目ムラサキシジミ)

卒論タイトル:Correlation between oviposition and developmental suitabilities for a parasitoid

       attacking a myrmecophilous butterfly

・杉本倖平 (5代目アメンボ)

修論タイトル:QTL mapping and genome-wide association study of wing morphs of a water strider,

       Limnogonus fossarum fossarum (Hemiptera: Gerridae), using RAD markers

卒論タイトル:QTL mapping of wing morphs of a water strider, Limnogonus fossarum fossarum

​       (Hemiptera: Gerridae), using RAD marker

・天野泰輔 (3代目ゴール形成性ホソガ)

修論タイトル:Genetic background of gall induction and nutritional characteristics of gall tissues

       in Gracillariidae

卒論タイトル:Metabolome analysis using gall-forming Gracillariidae: Comparison between

       galled and intact leaves

・寺岡尚輝 (初代アカメガシワホソガ)

卒論タイトル:Functional morphology of accessory sac in female genitalia: a case study using

       Acrocercopinae (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

・Antoine GUIGUET(2代目ゴール形成性ホソガ,大島研博士号第1号

博論タイトル:Evolutionary origin and molecular bases of the gall-inducing life-style

                                    in the Gracillariidae

(Univ of Tours, France とのダブルディグリープログラム)

・山本 格(初代各種ホソガの生物地理 & 2代目チャノハマキホソガ)

修論タイトル:Comparative biogeography of leaf blotch mining moths (Insecta: Lepidoptera:

       Gracillariidae) in East Asia

卒論タイトル:The origin of the tea-association in Caloptilia theivora in Japan: insights from host

       specificity and population structure


卒論タイトル:Whole genome sequencing of Limnogonus fossarum fossarum: focusing on the candidate

       genomic region responsible for wing-morph determination

・成相 桂(初代クルミホソガの近交弱勢)

卒論タイトル:Inbreeding depression revisited: geographic variation and inbreeding avoidance  in the leaf

       mining moth Acrocercops transecta


卒論タイトル:Does the water strider Limnogonus fossarum fossarum (Hemiptera: Gerridae) fly between

       islands?: population genetic structure in the Ryukyu Archipelago


卒論タイトル:The mating ability of intraspecies populations and ovipositing preference of F1 hybrid in

​       Spulerina dissotoma (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)


卒論タイトル:A RAD-based linkage map and QTL mapping of wing-morph determination in

       Limnogonus fossarum fossarum (Hemiptera: Gerridae) 


修論タイトル:Factors determining the host ranges of parasitoid wasps associating with leaf-mining moths

卒論タイトル:Proximate factors regulating host range of parasitoid wasps: a case study from the

       parasitoid wasp Aneurobracon philippinensis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), which

       associating with host races of Acrocercops transecta (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)


修論タイトル:Life histories of the two gall-forming leaf miners (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae):

       towards an understanding of the genetic background of gall formation by insects


修論タイトル:The genomic background of host-plant adaptation: different genomic regions control

       preference and performance in the leaf-mining moth Acrocercops transecta (Gracillariidae)

卒論タイトル:Genetic background of host adaptation in Acrocercops transecta (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)


修論タイトル:Patterns of host utilization and congruence and incongruence between larval performance

       and ovipositing female preference in the leaf-blotch mining moth family Gracillariidae


卒論タイトル:チャノハマキホソガ Caloptilia theivora (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) の産卵選好性と

​       集団遺伝学的背景


卒論タイトル:植食性昆虫の寄主植物の違いが寄生蜂相に与える影響:クルミホソガ Acrocercops

       transecta​ のホストレース間での比較


修論タイトル:The Genetics of wing-morph determination and biogeography of Limnogonus fossarum

       fossarum (Hemiptera: Gerridae): establishing a method for rearing, inferring the genetic

       background of wing-morph differentiation and the population structure in Japanese




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